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The Art of Tuning…
      Piano technicians are highly skilled artisans in all phases of piano work through years of practice, study and experience...

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       First of all, piano tuning does not last forever. In my experience, there are 3 main contributing factors to a piano going out of tune:
[SEASONAL CHANGES] (effects of temperature & humidity)
                      2)  Style & frequency of 
                      3)  General wear & tear over time (In brief, the older the piano = more sensitive, whimsical & fastidious)

         Now, if you want to know more about why a piano, like most
 tempered instruments (saxophone, guitar, trumpet etc.) need to be slightly out of tune, in a calculated way, so that the purely musical ear can make sense out of it, you can read more on this subject in the sub-menu called [TEMPERAMENT]

         You can also learn, in another sub-menu, about other adjustments necessary to match the natural [INHARMONICITY] of your piano.

         In the section [REPAIR], you may look on 3 topics: 

                       -‘Regulation’      - action regulating is the basic mechanical adjustments pianos are often                                                            needed Piano Tuner in Cumberland Piano Tuner in Courtenay Piano Tuner in Comox

                       -‘Voicing’           - where I talk about the impairment of a piano tone due to worn hammers                                                          and how to remedy it        

                       -‘Other Repairs’ - talks about the other things that can be fixed on a piano: from restringing                                                        to simply fixing sticky keys etc…

​       If you have any question, please visit the section called [F.A.Q.]

       And remember, I am not selling you a vacuum cleaner. I work on pianos because I love them so much and if you own one, I think you probably have a great relationship with music...

                             'Any friend of music and piano is a friend of mine'...