My basic rate is $140 for standard tuning. That applies to all my regular customers who like a regular visit once a year. Or in the case of a first visit, the basic standard tuning applies if your piano is in ‘really’ good shape.

If your piano hasn’t been tuned for over 5 years, expect an additional cost of $20-$30.


If you live outside the perimeter of the Comox Valley or on one of the nearby Islands, depending of my travel distance or cost of ferry(ies) I may charge some extra $.


Any type of over-all work or regulation such as: Voicing, raising the touch, leveling out the whole keyboard, evening up the hammer stroke, etc. will cost a minimum of $75.

Any additional restoration will be carried out at a cost of $30/hour.

*That excludes all minor adjustments I do while tuning (what I call “fine tuning regulation”)*


Depending of the amount of work necessary, I might suggest to bring the faulty part(s) to my work bench at home.

* In that case, we’ll discuss a fixed price prior to commencement of work. *


But, in general, if for example you had a faulty pedal and I am to fix it very quickly, I’d most likely waive any extra charge…

I would prefer if you can allow me a 3 hours’ window of your time. This way I can assure you a satisfactory job, and I can be there to attend to additional work required…

Yes and No. Yes when you call me to tune your piano. I then could give you a free estimate on what other work your piano needs and an approximate cost of it. I can also tell you how much your piano is worth and how old it is. I can answer all your piano questions...

But, if you are calling me only to make an estimate of the value of your piano and don't want me to tune or repair it, if you plan to sell it for instance, then I will need to charge you $30 for the business trip.

In my past experience I managed to fix a few E-pianos. In those cases I was only dealing with mechanical problems such as sticky keys or a pedal malfunction, or minor electrical problems such as re-establishing faulty contact of keys or buttons etc...

So, after having spoken with you on the phone, we may agree for me to come over and have a look at the problem; (but, please, expect a minimum charge of $30 for the business trip if I discover there's nothing I can do about the problem).

If I can fix the problem then my usual rates apply; ($30/hour for labour plus the cost of any applicable parts).

There is no such thing as piano tuning that will last for ever. I would say there are three main factors that cause a piano to go out of tune:

-temperature and humidity are a major cause. See more under:[SEASONAL CHANGES]

- the harder and the more often you play on your piano will also affect the stability of the tuning. See more on my site under: the style and frequency of [PLAYING]

-and finally, the wear and tear of your piano: the older, the more sensitive and fastidious your piano will be.

* Therefore, that’s why I strongly recommend a tune up at least once a year for the average house piano or every 6 months for the dedicated musician who loves practicing even just one hour a day...*

The location of your piano in the house is very important. It is highly recommended NOT to place a piano:

* just beside a wood stove or other major source of heat or any air vent;

* against a window;

* and avoid, if possible, putting it against an outside wall...

Both. The use of a machine eases the way for certain tasks when tuning a piano. Normally, it saves time. For instance, to get the starting “A 440” and all the other notes that require specific adjustment depending of the desired temperament. The computer also adds facilities to the application of special logarithms to determine the specific inharmonicity of your piano and much more...

* But, remember that my ears always remain the primary referee to determine the accuracy of the pitch of a note and the precision of an interval. *

No. Moving pianos require an expertise I don’t have. I strongly recommend you to ask a professional piano mover.

For more info, you may visit this adress: AAA piano moving

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