Piano: Paül Gagnon

Trombone: ​Jeff Apogsowicz

Trumpet: Jay Havlaar

Tenor/Soprano Sax    and

 Alto Sax(First Sailing)/Shaker

 (I Don't Know) : Mike Schwarz

Electric/Upright Bass: Graham Edwards

Drums: ​Neil Clark

Sounds by: ​James Mattila 

Recorded at "Studio Live" in Cumberland, BC, 

May 2017 

En Construction

        Et oui, en Français également.

      Plus à venir prochainement! 

Paoul's Sextet​​

  • Seven Steps to Heaven6:34
  • Peace5:36

  • Full Hurn4:25
  • First Sailing6:45
  • So French6:39


  • When It's Time to Say Goodbye3:28
  • Outsider10:01
  • I Don't Know !6:29